Saturday, October 11, 2008

The mystery of the Irish nachos

RICHMOND, Va. (Saturday, October 11, 2008) – One of the things the National Folk Festival was known for in its three-year visit to the city was the food. The Richmond Folk Festival is carrying on the tradition.

Michael Doucet of BeauSoleil fiddles away at the Richmond Times-Dispatch Dance Pavilion
Of course, some of the traditions seem a bit bizarre. A festival staffer was observed eating a strange concoction backstage at the Richmond Times-Dispatch Dance Pavilion during BeauSoleil’s performance.

“It’s Irish nachos,” he said.

Hmmm. Irish nachos?

Closer inspection revealed elements of baked potato, cheese, jalapeño peppers and trace amounts of other materials.

This blogger isn’t quite sure what folk culture Irish nachos represents, but on second thought, they don’t sound so bad....


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