Saturday, October 11, 2008

Richmond Folk Festival off to a great start

MECHANICSVILLE, Va. (Saturday, October 11) – The Richmond Folk Festival got off to a great start last night, with the largest crowd in attendance since the National Folk Festival first came to Richmond in 2005.

Unfortunately, yours truly could not be there, as he had another engagement – something that involved a paycheck – but he has heard reliable reports of great performances, enthusiastic crowds, and a nighttime sundance. He even heard that that Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine took a break from dealing with the state’s budget woes to play harmonica with the Dan Tyminski Band.

Yours truly planned to write you something last night, and post it last night, but as yours truly approaches geezerdom, he tends to doze off at the keyboard in the wee hours of the morning after he finishes his other work.

Yours truly promises not to let that happen today and tomorrow. He will be on-site both days – all day. If you think you see Charles Manson running around the festival with a camera, don’t worry, HE is not on parole. It is just this blogger trying to do a job.


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